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1996 December

School Discipline and the Need to Preserve Rights of Students with Disabilities Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

By Kathleen B. Boundy

The current rights of students with disabilities to a free appropriate education and the law regarding school discipline of students with disabilities are discussed in this article. Recent congressional efforts to undermine the principles of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act are also described.

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Sexual Harassment in Housing

A Primer

By Sherry Leiwant

Every year thousands of women are subject to illegal sexual harassment by landlords, building managers, real estate brokers, and their agents. For poor women especially, sexual harassment by those who control affordable housing is a serious threat. This article gives an overview of the law on sexual harassment in housing and offers ideas for representing clients who have been harassed.

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Child Care and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Expanding Available Care for Children with Disabilities Through Litigation

By Maria Gil de Lamadrid

In calling for nondiscrimination and reasonable accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act can theoretically make child care for families with children with disabilities somewhat more available, not only because child care providers may no longer automatically refuse to care for children with disabilities, but also because these families may not be charged higher fees than other families for reasonable accommodations in child care.

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Migrant Farmworker Housing

An American Tragedy, an American Challenge

By Sally A. Carter & Roger Rosenthal

Two facts stand out with respect to housing for migrant farmworkers in this country: the grossly insufficient number of units and the poor quality of a large proportion of those units that do exist. This article describes the need for migrant housing and the response to that need.

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