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1996 February

Surf's Up - And Lawyers Are Riding the Wave

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Tenants' Rights in Eviction Proceedings Brought Under Local Housing Codes

By Elizabeth Lutton

The Sixth Circuit's ruling in Flatford v. City of Monroe provides constitutionally based protection for tenants who are evicted under local building or housing codes and gives advocates a basis for demanding policy changes from municipal authorities that have ordinances or policies permitting such procedures.

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Market-Based Health Care Reform

Implications for the Poor

By Jane Perkins, Paul Barringer & Lourdes A. Rivera

This article describes recent trends in the health care industry, including the shift away from inpatient care, the growth of for-profit health care corporations, and a dramatic increase in managed care, and legal issues implicated by these trends.

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The Minimum-Wage Debate

By Lynn Garfinkel Download this article   |   Read more ➢

Primer on Minimum-Wage and Overtime Issues Under the Fair Labor Standards Act for Low-Wage Workers and Their Advocates

By William P. Quigley

People who work and still remain mired in poverty are more prevalent than commonly thought. This article addresses some of the most common minimum-wage and overtime issues under the Fair Labor Standards Act for the millions of people who work at low-paying jobs---the people described as the working poor.

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