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1995 February

Electronic Publishing with Folio Views

By Robert E. Serafin

This column describes the capabilities of Folio Views, an electronic publishing software product, and the Clearinghouse Computer-Assisted Legal Research Project's plans to produce electronic publications using Folio Views.

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Revising Article 2

Consumer Protections Needed in Sales of Goods

By Yvonne W. Rosmarin Download this article   |   Read more ➢

The Pink-Collar Ghetto

By Kelly A. Miller

Since legal services attorneys are predominately women and notoriously underpaid, legal services has become a "pink-collar ghetto." This column reports on the results of the May 1993 survey, entitled Questionnaire for Female Legal Services Attorneys, which asked women how satisfied they were in legal services practice.

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The Treating Physician Rule in Medicare Cases

By Edward Dale, Cheryl Diane Feuerman & Risa Greene

This article examines Medicare case law regarding the evidentiary weight accorded the opinion of the patient's treating physician, discusses a 1993 HCFA ruling on the subject, and offers practice tips to Medicare advocates.

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New Crime Law Creates Opportunities to Protect Children in High-Crime Neighborhoods

By Hattie Ruttenberg

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 includes almost $1 billion in funding for violence prevention programs directly targeted to children and youths; this article highlights the key programs and discusses the opportunities these funds present to make a significant difference in the lives of children and youths.

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AFDC Based on Incapacity

Still Forgotten After All These Years

By Christopher Lamb

According to the responses to a recent survey, it appears that the AFDC-I program is largely underutilized. This article describes the numerous barriers reported by survey respondents to full utilization of AFDC-l and outlines possible litigation strategies for dealing with them.

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