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1994 Special Issue

Neighborhood Organizations Respond to Street Crime

By Jan Stokley & Anthony Daysog

This article examines the role of nonprofit-community-based organizations in addressing violent street crime in their neighborhoods. It also suggests ways legal services programs may assist such community responses to street violence.

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Violence and the Workplace

Exploring Employee Rights and Remedies

By Sharon M. Dietrich, Maurice Emsellem & Sue McNeil

Despite widespread public concern about the rights of crime victims, their right to preserve their employment is extremely limited. This article analyzes avenues available for individuals to challenge dismissals related to their status as victims of violence while on or off the job. It summarizes the available federal and state statutory remedies, as well as common-law theories applicable to the issue.

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School Violence

The Need for a Meaningful Response

By Florence Moise Stone & Kathleen B. Boundy

This article examines some of the causes of increased violence in America's schools and how state and federal legislatures have reacted to it. The authors discuss in detail the mandates of the Goals 2000: Educate America Act, and suggest ways advocates for students who suffer the consequences of school violence can better represent their clients.

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Gang-Related Violence

By G. David Curry

This article reviews statistics on gangs and gang violence and discusses appropriate responses to deal effectively with threats to public safety and quality of life associated with gang violence.

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Black Violence

Racism and the Construction of Reality

By Evan Stark

Many people believe that black people, particularly young black males, are more prone to violence than white people. This article posits that the myth of "black violence" stems from figures on the numbers of black males arrested and imprisoned for violent crimes, and the figures are the product of racial discrimination.

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Bias Violence: Advocating for Victims

Part I

By Elizabeth Shuman-Moore & Darren B. Watts

The Project to Combat Bias Violence was created in 1989 to meet the need for legal representation of and to mobilize community support for the victims of bias violence. This article discusses who the victims are, as well as the perpetrators of such violence, and describes the Project, its goals, and some of its successes.

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Violence Against Lesbians and Gay Men

By Suzanne B. Goldberg & Bea Hanson

Lesbians and gay men experience criminal victimization at rates significantly higher than other individuals and are the most frequent victims of bias crime. Bias crime, based on the perpetrator's perception that the victim belongs to the targeted "hate group," can affect anyone regardless of sexual orientation. This article outlines how to identify bias crimes and how to work with survivors of homophobic violence.

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A Continuum of Violence

Rethinking Advocacy Priorities in Homelessness

By Mary Ellen Hombs

Instead of attacking the problem of homelessness, some cities are now attacking homeless people themselves, through laws and ordinances designed to drive homeless people out of sight and out of town. This article portrays the unrelentingly violent experience of homeless people on a structural as well as individual basis.

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Caught in a Web

Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence

By Deeana L. Jang

Not only do immigrant women who are the victims of spousal abuse experience all of the difficulties experienced by other battered women, many face the threat of change in their immigration status as well. This article examines the ramifications of battering on immigrant women and explains how the legal needs of this population can be met.

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Women Battering

High Costs and the State of the Law

By Joan Zorza

Both individuals and society at large pay a high price for domestic violence and abuse of women. This article examines the nature and extent of this problem and the legal system's response.

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Beyond Granny Bashing

Elder Abuse in the 1990s

By Vicki Gottlich

Elder abuse has moved beyond physical abuse, "Granny Bashing," that made headlines during the 1970s. This article examines this problem and suggests ways to improve the systems currently in place to assist victims of elder abuse.

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Youth Violence

Redefining the Problem, Rethinking the Solutions

By Joanne C. Lin, Alice Bussiere, Martha Matthews & Shannan L. Wilber

Youth violence is a serious and growing problem in the United States. Statistics show that serious crime among youth is increasing. This article addresses the complexities of youth violence and offers possible remedies to combat the problem.

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Violence in the United States

By Andrew McGuire

This article provides an overview of the violence problem in this country and offers a public health model approach to solving the problem.

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