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1994 May

Challenging the Deceptive Practices of Proprietary Schools Under the Federal False Claims Act

By Martha F. Davis

Many proprietary school students are victims of an education scam which leaves them with no marketable skills, no jobs, and large loan debts. The Federal False Claims Act can be used to challenge these fraudulent practices.

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State Advocacy

A Virtual Community on the Information Highway

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Court Approves Class Action Settlement Providing up to $30 Million in Retroactive VA Benefits to Puerto Rican Veterans

By The National Veterans Legal Services Project

In 1982, VA determined that local Puerto Rican rating boards had been too liberal in granting 100-percent psychiatric disability determinations. In a series of events, VA decided to conduct a mass review of all such determinations for Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands veterans. These veterans filed a class action alleging that VA's decision was motivated by racial and ethnic prejudice. This column describes the events leading up to the lawsuit and the ensuing favorable settlement.

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Collection of Child Support Maintenance from Custodial Parents of Children in Foster Care

Is It Appropriate?

By Nancy S. Erickson

This column takes the position that no federal statutory authority supports some states' practice of obtaining child support orders for foster children against the parent who, at the time of foster care placement, was the custodial parent.

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The Advocates Essential CD

Facing Technology

By John Paul Kemp

The Advocates Essential CD will contain both information and software programs of specific interest to legal services programs; it will enable advocates to maximize their use of the wealth of materials available to them as well as their investment in computers.

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Child Care Under the Family Support Act

Ripe for Reform

By Kathleen O'Brien & Carol Stevenson

The Family Support Act, passed in 1988, requires states to guarantee child care to all JOBS participants and to employed parents transitioning off AFDC. This article provides an overview of FSA child care and highlights the successes and the missed opportunities in the early years of this and other FSA programs.

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State-Funded Medicare Advocacy Projects

Medicaid Statistics Useful in Determining Whether a Project Is Financially Feasible

By Jane Hardin & Charles Hulin

This article and accompanying charts should enable advocates to make a preliminary determination of whether a Medicare advocacy project is financially feasible in their service area.

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