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1994 April

Jobless, Penniless, Often Homeless

State General Assistance Cuts Leave "Employables" Struggling for Survival

By Sandra Hauser

Tens of thousands of individuals have been left homeless, hungry, or sick, as states have slashed their GA programs. This column summarizes the effects of recent state GA cuts on "employable" persons.

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Defining and Addressing ALJ Bias and Unfitness in the Social Security System

By Ethel Zelenske & David S. Udell

Social security disability, SSI, and Medicare claimants are entitled to hearings before unbiased decisionmakers. This column describes the problem of AU bias and unfitness and the degree to which current procedures address the problem.

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What Preadmission Screening and Annual Resident Review Means for Older People with Mental Illness

By Beth Pepper & Deborah P. Rubenstein

The Preadmission Screening and Annual Resident Review seeks to move people with mental disabilities out of nursing homes and into community-based settings. However, it has thus far been poorly implemented.

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Using the Law to Protect Battered Women and Their Children

By Joan Zorza

This article discusses legal remedies available to battered women and their children in custody cases, describes outcomes of domestic abuse cases and orders of protection, and explains criminal actions that may be taken against batterers.

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Unemployment Insurance

Responding to the Expanding Role of Women in the Work Force

By Richard W. McHugh & Ingrid Kock

The expanding role of women in the work force has not met with a systematic or sympathetic response from the unemployment insurance system; this article surveys statutory and case law developments with respect to availability for work and voluntary leavings as they affect women workers.

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Linking Children, Youth, and Families' Strategists

HandsNet's Latest Initiative

By Jan Sola

This brief column outlines HandsNet's new Children, Youth, and Families Initiative, which contains four forums for sharing information on the complex needs of families and children.

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