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1994 February

Just When You Thought You Had Learned the Rules, They Went and Changed Them

OBRA-93 Provisions Concerning Medicaid Transfers of Assets, Treatment of Certain Trusts, and Estate Recoveries

By Patricia Nemore, Mark Regan & Jane Perkins

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 revised various Medicaid provisions on the transfers of assets, trusts, and estate recovery.

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Network News-Health Advocates Use E-Mail

By Jeanne Finberg & Larry Lavin

This month the CLEARINGHOUSE REVIEW introduces "Network News," a new column on the use of HandsNet in legal advocacy. The column will focus on how advocates, administrators, managers, and others have successfully used HandsNet in their poverty law practice. "Network News" will appear in the Review on a recurring basis. In this issue, discover how the National Health Law Program found HandsNet invaluable in completing a whirlwind analysis of the health care reform plan recently proposed by President Clinton.

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The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993

Some Major Changes in the Medicaid Program

By The National Health Law Program

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 makes a number of changes in the Medicaid program, including the creation of a new entitlement to childhood immunizations. This article discusses this immunization program as well as the Act's changes affecting TB coverage and drug services.

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AFDC Program Rules for Advocates

An Overview

By Adele M. Blong & Timothy J. Casey

This article summarizes the basic rules of the AFDC program as in effect in June 1993. The Center on Social Welfare Policy and Law, which distributes a variety of materials on welfare issues, is available to assist advocates representing AFDC claimants.

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Preserving and Expanding the Rights of the Poor in Communities Where Military Bases Are Closing

By Lauren Hallinan

Military base closures and realignment offer great opportunities for creating shelter and employment for homeless and low-income clients. This article provides an overview of the law governing the base closure process and suggests advocacy strategies. It also includes a list of bases subject to closure or realignment.

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