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1993 October

Reverse Mortgages

Mandatory Counseling and Other Protections for the Elderly Homeowner

By The National Consumer Law Center

This article examines the reverse mortgage and the safeguards necessary to protect elderly homeowners considering its use.

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Senior Attorney Volunteers

A Resource for Legal Services Programs

By Stephanie Edelstein & Jan May

An untapped resource for pro bono attorneys is retired or semi-retired attorneys. This article suggests how to recruit senior attorney volunteers and describes the types of contributions that they can make to programs serving low-income clients.

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Court Access Under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Recent Developments

By Erica F. Wood

Court access encompasses a broad array of issues, including planning accommodations in new judicial facilities, adding ramps to existing facilities, revising court forms, restructuring jury boxes, and training judges and court personnel. This article summarizes recent developments in three areas of court access under the Americans with Disabilities Act: architectural guidelines for new facilities, enforcement of guidelines for existing facilities, and action by interdisciplinary state court access committees.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act and Reductions in Health Benefits

By Patricia DeMichele, Vicki Gottlich, Joan Bennett, Zita Dresner & Dorothy Siemon

This article discusses the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act to reductions in private employer-sponsored health insurance and state-administered Medicaid program benefits.

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Board and Care

How Effective Are Licensing Standards?

By Michael R. Schuster

Countless numbers of at-risk elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities live in board and care homes. This article discusses the concept of board and care, including the difficulties states have regulating and monitoring facilities, and offers some recommendations for improving the situation.

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Public Guardianship

Where Is It and What Does It Need?

By Dorothy Siemon, Sally Balch Hurme & Charles P. Sabatino

The precise definition of public guardian varies from state to state. This article examines the laws in every state to ascertain the status of public guardianship in the U.S., and it outlines five basic models for providing public guardianship services.

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Kinship Care

The Legal Problems of Grandparents and Other Relative Care Givers

By Naomi Karp

"Kinship care" givers face numerous law-related problems, including lack of legal authority with respect to children in their care, inadequate public benefits, and housing problems.

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Three Issues Still Remaining in Guardianship Reform

By Lori A. Stiegel, DaCosta R. Mason, Dwayne Morris, Vicki Gottlich & Michael Rave

Three issues remain in guardianship reform: (1) the use of durable powers of attorney as an alternative to guardianship; (2) a respondent's right to be present at the guardianship hearing; and (3) the role counsel should play in guardianship proceedings. This article discusses what progress has been made in these areas since guardianship reform was proposed in 1987.

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How the Failure to Pay Social Security Taxes Impoverishes Older Women

By Ethel Zelenske

Many domestic workers who are retired or disabled–as well as their dependents or survivors–do not receive the full social security benefits to which they are entitled because of their employer' failure to pay social security taxes.

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