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1993 June

Congress Extends EAJA to Proceedings Before the U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals

By The National Veterans Legal Services Project

EAJA fees may now be collected by representatives appearing before the Court of Veterans Appeals. This column explains the Act's provisions and Rule 39's procedures that veterans' advocates must be familiar with in order to collect these attorney fees.

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Medicaid Eligibility for Married Couples

By Patricia Nemore

Married individuals who apply for Medicaid benefits encounter many complicated eligibility issues peculiar to their status as couples. This column discusses these issues and explores ways to retain optimal benefits for married clients.

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Preventing Foreclosures

Spotting Loan Scams Involving Low-Income Homeowners

By Gary Klein

At least half of the foreclosures in the last three years were caused or expedited by home equity loans; this column discusses how to identify a loan that may involve unfair lending practices and how to defend against foreclosure of problem loans.

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Protecting Patients Against Improper Discharge from Hospitals

By The National Health Law Program

Each year more than 33 million people receive Inpatient services from hospitals in the U.S. As hospital care has become more costly and insurers have sought ways to reduce their expenditures, complaints of improper discharges have also increased. This article examines approaches advocates may employ to oppose improper hospital discharges.

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