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1993 April

Federal Practice Tips

Litigating Medicaid Class Actions

By Jeanne Finberg

This article contains several federal practice tips for beginning legal services attorneys who may be reluctant to bring a class action. It discusses what questions should be asked before filing a suit, including whether a class action is appropriate, whether preliminary relief should be sought, and whether the case should be filed in state or federal court. Issues of settlements, appeals, and attorney fee rates are also explored.

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The Safe Drinking Water Act–Dilemmas for the Poor

By Margot Saunders

The Safe Drinking Water Act seeks to ensure the provision of clean and sanitary water for public consumption. Implementation of the Act's stringent provisions, however, poses serious cost problems.

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Tenants of Federally Financed Housing Lose Rights to Lead Paint Abatement

By Lucy Billings

The Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act amended the federal mandate to eliminate lead paint hazards, robbing tenants of federally assisted housing of rights they had long pursued.

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Representing Food Stamp Claimants in Fraud and Overissuance Cases

By Louisa Nickers, Hunter Labovitz, Carrie M. Lewis & Helen Hershkoff

Although intentional violations of the Food Stamp Program (IPVs) are rare, media coverage of sensational fraud oases has created the perception of rampant abuses. States are aggressively enforcing the Food Stamp Act's antifraud provisions, which leads to infringement of claimant's rights. This article examines the fraud and overissuance recovery process and presents suggestions for addressing problems.

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