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1993 March

Stealing Home

How the Government and Big Banks Help Second-Mortgage Companies Prey on the Poor

By Mike Hudson

Deregulation of lending practices has led to abuses of unsophisticated consumers, higher default rates, and loss of homes; this article describes how hundreds of thousands of consumers have been victimized by predatory second mortgage companies.

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ERISA Preemption

A Stumbling Block to State Health Care Reform

By Vicki Gottlich

This column discusses the ERISA preemption of state laws that relate to employee benefit plans, and its ramifications for state health care reform.

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Highlights in Fair Housing Law

Strengthening the Rights of People with Disabilities to Live in the Community of Their Choice

By Beth Pepper

Federal courts have strengthened the rights to fair housing of individuals with disabilities. This article reviews decisions in 1992 under the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Quality Assurance in Medicaid Managed Care

By Michele Melden & Lorna Hennington

Quality assurance is a means of monitoring the quality of care that managed health care plans are providing. This article summarizes different kinds of managed care plans, discusses states' monitoring of the quality of care received by Medicaid recipients, and suggests areas in which clearer, more uniform standards are needed.

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Managing Computerized Case Management

By John Paul Kemp

Effective use of a case management system can improve the advocacy of an office; this article describes how to implement and manage use of case management software in a legal services office.

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