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1992 September


LegalAid/Net Helps Program Win Its Case

By John Blaser

Discover how LegalAid/Net was instrumental in Legal Services of Northern California's winning its due process argument in Barnes V. MacMahon.

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Risky Business

Five Years of Navigating the Medicare Part B Appeals Process

By Bess M. Brewer

Despite legislation intended to increase access to judicial review of Medicare Part B claims, advocates have been hampered by HCFA's implementation of the appeal provisions. This column traces the first five years of the "enhanced" appeals process.

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Obtaining Adequate Support for Children

Preventing Downward Deviations from the Presumptive Guidelines Amount

By Nancy S. Erickson

In order to make an argument for or against deviation from the presumptive guidelines for determining child support levels, advocates must be knowledgeable about how the guidelines were computed in their particular state and what grounds for deviation are available.

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Strategies for Keeping the Lights On

By Margot Saunders & Diane Vogel

This column describes various regulations, statutes, common law, and legal theories that advocates can employ to help their clients retain or establish utility services.

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Poverty Levels and Federal Tax Thresholds: 1992

By Jonathan Barry Forman

Many low-income people who arguably should not have to pay any federal taxes have net federal tax liabilities. This article examines the extent to which families with incomes below the federal poverty income guidelines are required to pay federal income and social security taxes.

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The First 25 Years of the National Clearinghouse for Legal Services

By Katherine Stevenson & John Blaser

This article reviews the development and major accomplishments of the National Clearinghouse for Legal Services during its first 25 years. Included are a brief history of the legal aid movement, a description of the founding of the Clearinghouse, and an account of the Clearinghouse's role in the legal services community.

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