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1992 Special Issue

Food, Clothing, and Shelter

A Quarter-Century of Welfare Law, with No End in Sight

By Henry A. Freedman

Major developments in welfare litigation, laws, and general philosophy have taken place during the last 25 years. This article discusses the changes made in the AFDC and GA programs during this period and explains how benefits have eroded and eligibility has been narrowed.

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Twenty-Three Years of Education Advocacy

Progress, Lessons, and Future Challenges

By Robert Pressman

The Center for Law and Education has worked to promote access to education since 1969; this article discusses some significant developments in education advocacy to date and highlights current and future issues.

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Legal Issues Affecting Poor Children and Youth

By The National Center for Youth Law

Twenty percent of American children live in poverty. This article outlines the legal issues affecting poor children and youth, including government benefits, the child welfare system, the institutionalization of children, the rights of immigrant children, health care, and housing.

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Twenty Years of the National Senior Citizens Law Center

A Personal Recollection

By Gill Deford

Gill Deford, a staff attorney with the National Senior Citizens Law Center for the past 16 years, reviews the history of NSCLC from a personal perspective. He discusses some of the staff members' achievements and describes the Center's focus and main activities.

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History of the National Immigration Law Center

By Susan Drake & Charles Wheeler

This article explores the diversity of immigration issues with which the National Immigration Law Center has been involved during the last decade. It also describes some of the Center's other accomplishments and the services that it provides.

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Training Now and Then

By Kevin Carey

Training maintains an important role in legal services, despite decreases in funding. This article describes the history of "centralized" and "decentralized" training in legal services and discusses possible priorities for training in the future.

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The Role of State Support Centers in the 1990s and Beyond

By Daniel M. Taubman

The National Organization of State Support Units (NOSSU) recently commissioned a thorough examination of state support programs. This article summarizes the consultants report and examines the role of state support centers in the legal services community in this decade and beyond.

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The Mental Health Law Project's 20 Years

By Lee A. Carty

This article provides an overview of modern mental disability law and the Mental Health Law Project's history, beginning with its founding 20 years ago.

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Native American Rights Fund

Our First 20 Years

By Susan Sanders & Debbie Thomas

This article examines the development of the relatively new area of Indian Law and the contributions that the Native American Rights Fund has made to its growth. During the past 20 years, NARF has had a tremendous impact on Indian rights in areas of preservation of tribal existence, protection of tribal resources, promotion of human rights, and accountability of federal and state governments to Indian tribes.

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The Law in the Life of a Low-Income Tenant

By The National Housing Law Project

A decent and affordable home located in a well served neighborhood is one of the building blocks for success. This article examines developments in the law as it affects low-income tenants.

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A Historical Perspective on the Center for Law and Social Policy

By Alan W. Houseman

Although the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) does not receive funding from LSC, it actively assists in developing public interest law. This article summarizes CLASP's major achievements in the past and outlines its strategy for reducing poverty in the future.

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Consumer and Energy Law

25 Years and Beyond

By The National Consumer Law Center

This article reviews consumer and energy law developments over the past 25 years and highlights emerging issues and strategies for protecting consumers' rights.

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The Past Decade of Veterans Law

By The National Veterans Legal Services Project

This article describes some of the substantial developments affecting veterans during the past ten years, including the VA's rise to cabinet status, veterans' greater access to the judicial system to challenge VA decisions, and increased recognition of service-related disorders and diseases.

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Migrant Legal Services

The Challenges of Effective Advocacy

By Cynthia G. Schneider

This article outlines the last 25 years of migrant legal services and examines the important cases and statutes affecting farmworkers, including the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (AWPA).

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Reflections on 25 Years of Health Law Advocacy

By The National Health Law Program

This article reviews historical developments in Medicaid and Hill-Burton law and looks ahead to issues facing health law advocates in the future.

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