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1992 August

Using the EEOC Investigative File in Employment Discrimination Cases

By Burton D. Fretz

EEOC investigative files contain information that is highly useful to employment discrimination claimants and their attorneys. This column summarizes current law governing access to these files.

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Spiking and Loan-Splitting in Home Improvement Financing

Artful Dodges

By Kathleen Keest

This article explains the three-day cancellation right that is required to be included in home improvement sales contracts and the various tactics that contractors use to dodge this important consumer right.

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Securing Continued AFDC Benefits During a State Budget Crisis

By Sandra Hauser

This column sets out the legal arguments that can be made to challenge a state welfare agency's delay or failure to issue AFDC benefits due to problems with a state budget or appropriations.

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Survival Under the New FmHA Rules

By Joey D. Schmidt

FmHA's proposed new regulations drastically alter the position of delinquent FmHA borrowers. This column provides useful strategies for debt restructuring under the new regulations.

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The Enforcement of Social Security Act State Plan Requirements After Suter v. Artist M.

By Timothy J. Casey

Following the Supreme Court's decision in Suter v. Artist M., some defendant state officials have argued that Social Security Act program beneficiaries may no longer sue to enforce state plan amendments.

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Jonathan Kozol's Savage Inequalities

A Book Review

By Deborah Perluss

In Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools, Jonathan Kozol chronicles the failures of public education, which he argues are symptomatic of the broader phenomenon of urban degradation.

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Recognizing and Attacking Environmental Racism

By Jane Perkins

Environmental hazards disproportionately affect poor people of color. This article discusses legal strategies to address the location of hazardous waste sites arid exposure of children to toxic levels of lead.

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