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1992 July

The Unaffordability of Water and Sewer Costs for Low-Income Households

Causation and Approaches to the Problem

By Adrienne Quinn

This column examines why ratepayers are footing the bill for federal clean water mandates, discusses the impact of these costs on low-income households, and outlines various models to address the increasing unaffordability of clean, running water and functioning sewer systems.

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A Primer on Sexual Harassment Law

By Martha F. Davis & Alison Wetherfield

This article provides an overview of federal law prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace and in the sale and rental of housing. It also gives useful advice on informal actions that can be taken to challenge harassment prior to filing a legal action.

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Deciding Who Swims with the Sharks

Boren Amendment Litigation

By Gordon Bonnyman

Enacted in 1980, the Boren Amendment to the Medicaid statute requires hospital and nursing home reimbursements to be reasonable and adequate to meet the costs of economically operated facilities. This article suggests ways for advocates to become involved in provider reimbursement disputes.

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Cooperation in the Pursuit of Medical Support as an Eligibility Condition for AFDC and Medicaid

By Paula Roberts

This is the third of three articles discussing child support enforcement systems. It describes clients' obligations to cooperate in establishing paternity and obtaining medical support as a condition of receipt of public assistance.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Poor—Part II

Dealing with Problems in Using ADR and Choosing a Process

By Linda Singer, Michael Lewis, Alan W. Houseman & Elizabeth Singer

New institutions and nonjudicial methods for resolving disputes, promulgating rules, and budgeting funds are known by the acronym "ADR" for alternative dispute resolution. Part II of this two-part article poses questions that should be raised about ADR processes and suggests sources for further exploration of these programs.

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The AFDC Lump Sum Rule

How It Works and How to Avoid it

By Mary R. Mannix

This article reviews the AFDC lump sum rule and the major issues arising under it. It also discusses developments in the law regarding the rule and offers suggestions for client representation.

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