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1992 April

Nursing Home Demands for Deposits and Prepayments from Medicaid and Medicare Patients

By Patricia Nemore

Many nursing homes frequently demand thousands of dollars as a condition of admission or readmission. This article describes how advocates can effectively challenge these practices under provisions of the federal Medicare and Medicaid laws and under state law.

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By John Blaser

This column describes increased participation in the LegalAid/Net forum on HandsNet by the legal services national support centers.

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Merging Energy Considerations with the New Housing Initiatives

By Roger D. Colton & Margot Saunders

This column describes how concerns about affordable energy can be addressed in each section of an annual Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) under the new housing initiatives.

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The Relationship Between Medicaid and Social Security Administration Disability Determinations

An Introduction for Advocates

By Michael Parks

This column reviews the relevant federal regulatory, statutory, and policy provisions that affect the interplay between Medicaid and SSA disability determinations and provides a basis for more detailed examination and advocacy.

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Enforcing Medical Support Orders

By Paula Roberts

This is the second of three articles discussing child support enforcement systems. It describes the process for enforcing court orders for health insurance.

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Development of Safety Procedures for Abatement of Lead-Based Paint

By Lucy Billings

This article reviews lead paint litigation in New York City, discusses issues that need to be addressed in the implementation of regulatory reform, and introduces federal guidelines and regulations from several jurisdictions as persuasive models for such reform.

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