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1991 August - September

Earned Income Tax Credit Gets Bigger and Better for Families Receiving AFDC and Other Benefits

By Henry A. Freedman

Many families receiving AFDC and GA benefits were eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC) for 1990 earnings, and the number of such families will increase for 1991 earnings because of the new EIC rules that go into effect in 1991. This article discusses some of the basic eligibility rules and other issues affecting AFDC recipients.

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Protecting the Food Stamps of Zebley Children

By Mary Ellen Natale

Zebley awards will be lump sum payments that may endanger continuing eligibility for food stamps. This article explores the various ways of protecting Zebley children through the use of trusts and excludable resources.

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The Zebley Class Rules

By Joseph Manes

The Zebley class consists of children whose SSI eligibility was denied or terminated on medical grounds between 1980 and 1991. All members of the class, as well as those children whose disability cases are pending in federal court, now have an opportunity to have their cases readjudicated. This article summarizes the rules for readjudication, including rules on notice, timetables, and quality assurance.

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Determining Disability for Children

The Individualized Functional Assessment

By Julie Clark

This is the second of three articles that examine the new children'ss SSI regulations. Part II describes the individualized functional assessment, used at the fourth step of the sequential evaluation process to determine whether a child's impairments are comparable to those that would disable an adult.

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Alternative Funding Mechanisms for Legal Services Providers

By Jane Hardin & Michael B. Glomb

Legal services programs have become increasingly creative in developing new funding sources, particularly state and local governments. This article discusses some of the existing state and local funding mechanisms and addresses planning and program management issues that arise in implementing these new approaches.

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