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1991 January

Late-Breaking Legislative Developments Affecting People with Mental Disabilities

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Developments in Employment Rights Under Immigration Law

By The National Immigration Law Center

Recent changes in the law have broadened antidiscrimination provisions contained in the Immigration Reform and Control Act; this article reviews the basic requirements and discusses new developments in the areas of employment verification, employer sanctions, work authorization, and procedures for pursuing claims of discrimination.

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Farmworker Law Developments in 1990

By The Migrant Legal Action Program

Migrant farmworkers continue to face toxic pesticides, subminimum wages, squalid housing, unscrupulous recruitment practices, and unspeakable employment conditions; this article describes legislative and litigation developments.

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Welfare Law Developments

By The Center on Social Welfare Policy and Law

Last year, some of the key changes made by the Family Support Act of 1988 took effect and a new AFDC Quality Control program started; meanwhile, two state courts held that state law requires AFDC agencies to establish realistic need standards.

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Developments in Education Law

By The Center for Law and Education

This article describes 1989 and 1990 developments in education law, including special education, school discipline, students of limited English proficiency, and state school finance systems.

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Facing the Local Redevelopment Agency

By The National Economic Development and Law Center

In July 1990, the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles filed suit to halt one of the most ambitious redevelopment plans in the country; this suit and the circumstances surrounding it highlight several important issues regarding the redevelopment process when a local redevelopment agency initiates and adopts a development strategy in low-income neighborhoods.

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Prison Law Developments

Alternatives to Incarceration

By Ruthanne DeWolfe

In response to the continuing explosion of our nation's prison and jail population and its attendant costs, correctional authorities, legislative bodies, and criminal justice experts are suggesting and implementing alternatives to incarceration.

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Federal Housing Law Developments

By The National Housing Law Project

Major developments in housing law in the past year include the elimination of the grievance procedure for public housing tenants in more than 30 states, initiation of the Public Housing Asset Forfeiture Project, and continued battles to save public housing units from demolition or disposition.

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Youth Law Developments

By The National Center for Youth Law

In the past year, courts grappled with parents' rights to effective counsel in termination proceedings, child protection agencies' duty to provide services to prevent foster care placement, and state intervention when a newborn tests positive for drugs the mother used during pregnancy.

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The Law of Elderly Poor People in 1990

By The National Senior Citizens Law Center

Key areas of interest in elder law were expansion of Medicare's Secondary Payor Program, clarification of the right to extended hospital care, implementation of the Medicaid portions of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988, and implementation of nursing home reform.

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Child Support Enforcement in 1990

By Paula Roberts

New time frame regulations and interstate enforcement of support are cause for optimism about the future of the IV-D system; however, the relationship between IV-D attorneys and their clients continues to be a trouble spot.

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1990 Decisions of the United States Supreme Court

Erosion of Native Tribal and Religious Rights

By Jerilyn DeCoteau & Steve Moore

This article reviews the Court's decisions in Duro v. Reina and Employment Division, Department of Human Resources of Oregon v. Smith, which signal yet another conservative turn by the Court in matters involving fundamental rights.

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Medical Treatment for Older People and People with Disabilities

By The National Legal Center for the Medically Dependent and Disabled

In 1990, the Supreme Court reviewed a guardian's authority to withhold nutrition and hydration from a permanently disabled incompetent adult, while state courts continued to examine the rights of competent and incompetent patients, including "mature minors," to forgo life-sustaining treatment.

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Recent Federal Activity in Disability Law

By Karen Peltz Strauss

The recently passed Americans with Disabilities Act promises sweeping protections against discrimination for millions of Americans with disabilities.

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Developments in Mental Disability Law—1990

By The Mental Health Law Project

Last year, federal courts issued decisions with mixed outcomes for institutionalized people, including two Supreme Court opinions on due process protections and a landmark district court opinion giving access to advocates.

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Health Care for the Poor

By The National Health Law Program

In 1990, HCFA addressed several Medicaid issues, the Medicare provisions of OBRA-89 began to be implemented, a number of states passed laws providing coverage for the uninsured, and federal legislation expanded coverage for indigent hospital patients and handicapped persons; in addition, courts ruled on a variety of Medicaid, Medicare, and Hill-Burton issues.

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Consumer and Energy Law Developments During 1990

By The National Consumer Law Center

This article reviews consumer law developments in bankruptcy, collection of student loans, defenses to home foreclosures, and abusive rent-to-own practices; and energy law developments including struggles over adequate federal funding for LIHEAP and the Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program.

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Family Law Developments

By Joan Pennington

While the trend to mandate the arrest of spouse abusers continues, a growing number of states have passed legislation requiring courts to consider history of abuse in a family as a factor in making custody awards.

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Veterans' Law Developments

By The National Veterans Legal Services Project

In 1990, the U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals became fully operational, the VA continued to reformulate its rules for disability compensation based on Agent Orange Exposure, the Board of Veterans Appeals rules of practice were amended, and the VA implemented a new, more liberal statutory standard for waiver of debt collection.

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