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1990 June

Congress Eliminates Discrimination Against Adopted Children in the Social Security Program

By The National Center for Youth Law

As part of OBRA-89, Congress has removed the restriction on the provision of child's insurance benefits to children adopted after wage earners become eligible for Social Security benefits.

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Defenses for Medicare Beneficiaries Against Recoupment of Liability Insurance Payments

By The National Senior Citizens Law Center

This article addresses the Medicare Secondary Payer situation in which Medicare makes conditional payment for medical services and then seeks recovery from liability insurance proceeds.

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The First Year of Operating a Prisoners' Legal Services Program

Part I

By Robert C. Hauhart

Part one of a two-part article describes the first year of operation of the Prisoners' Rights Program of the District of Columbia Public Defender Service. (Part II appears in the July 1990 issue.)

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Justice Department Seeks Help from Legal Services in Fighting Housing Discrimination

By Paul F. Hancock

The chief of the Housing and Civil Enforcement Section, Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice, outlines the Section's enforcement plans pursuant to the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 and asks for cooperation from legal services programs.

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When the Phone Company Is Not the Phone Company

Credit Reporting in the Postdivestiture Era

By The National Consumer Law Center

Applicability of Fair Credit Reporting Act Requirements to local telephone companies that bill for firms such as AT&T opens a new line of consumer remedies which were not available prior to the breakup of the Bell system.

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California Trial Court Restricts Tenant Reporting Agency's Practices

Cisneros v. The U.D. Registry, Inc.

By David Pallack

Recent litigation, described in this article, has restricted practices of a California tenant agency which collects information on virtually every eviction case filed in California.

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