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Head Shot Shantell Steve Advocacy Program Associate

Shantell L. Steve joined the Shriver Center in 2016 and works as a researcher and advocacy associate on the Early Childhood Justice team. She recently completed her Master of Science at Brown University’s School of Public Health specializing in Behavioral and Social Health Sciences. While attending Brown University, she studied the intersection of race, place, poverty, and its relationship to health disparities that affect low-income, racial/ethnic communities. Previously, Shantell was a research assistant at the University of Chicago-Biological Sciences, Section of General Internal Medicine, where she worked on the South Side Diabetes Project, which used an intersectional approach to address disparities in diabetes prevalence and incidence on the South Side of Chicago. Through this work, she co-authored a paper on the impact of race and poverty on diabetes outcomes in *Current Diabetes Report*, an international peer-reviewed journal. In addition, Shantell is a consultant for the University of Chicago-Urban Health Initiative, McNair and Dell Scholar. Shantell received her B.A. in Sociology concentrating in communities, cities, and culture from University of San Diego.

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