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Advancing justice and opportunity
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Racial Justice Institute

It is more important than ever for equal justice advocates to understand and address issues of race, implicit bias, and how to affirmatively advance racial equity.

Through the Racial Justice Institute, we're developing a national network of equal justice advocates committed to advancing a coordinated racial justice advocacy agenda.

The Racial Justice Institute is a groundbreaking national leadership program, grounded in a commitment to race-equity as an integral and essential part of anti-poverty advocacy. Following six months of intensive training, Fellows join a national network of alumni who are advancing race equity all throughout the country.

With leadership from a diverse advisory committee of advocates, scholars, and alumni, the Racial Justice Institute has cultivated 160 advocates representing 81 organizations in 28 states. Our alumni network continues to work in concert on several issues, including education equity and organizational alignment. Racial Justice Institute Fellows have also initiated statewide initiatives in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida, expanding and increasing the race equity movement on a national level.

Learn more about the first, second, third, forth, and most recent class of Fellows. 

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