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Advancing justice and opportunity
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Early Childhood Justice

The conditions surrounding a child prenatally and in the first years of life will shape the path of that child’s life.

The Shriver Center works to make critical supports and early intervention services available to parents with low income so that all infants can thrive.

  • We advocate for universal developmental screening and services to support children’s healthy development.
  • We work to ensure that children in poverty and their parents have access to comprehensive medical care, including behavioral health care and infant mental health support.
  • We advocate for a continuum of accessible parenting support services, including Early Head Start and other evidence-­based home visiting programs.
  • We support expansion of the federal Child Tax Credit to benefit children living in deep poverty.

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Off to a Great Start:
States' investments in parenting education and support
for families from birth to age three

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The Case for Justice from the Start:
Exploring Racial Equity for Infants and Toddlers.

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