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The Limits of Executive Orders

President Trump issued some notorious executive orders in his first year in office (e.g., anti-Muslim immigration restrictions), and as his agenda stalls in Congress, he may continue to issue more executive directives. But is there a limit on this presidential power? Abbi Coursolle, senior attorney at the National Health Law Program, explains the legal options for attorneys for low-income clients in her new Clearinghouse article, "Executive Directives: What Poverty Lawyers Need to Know." She discussed the topic in this month's Advocacy Exchange. Watch a recording now.

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Supervising for Quality and Impact-July 2018

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Executive Orders: What Recourse Do Low-Income Clients Have?

with Abbi Coursolle

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Executive Directives: What Poverty Lawyers Need to Know

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How Battered Immigrants Can Obtain Economic Stability in Court

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Margaret Stapleton and Michelle Mbekeani-Wiley

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A Conversation with HUD

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