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A 20-Year Collection of Welfare Reform Articles

This week marks 20 years since welfare reform became law. Our longstanding publication, Clearinghouse Review: Journal of Poverty Law and Policy, was there through the transition, as legal aid attorneys worked to make sense of the new law and its effect on their clients. We published many articles to guide attorneys through the changes and devoted the entire first issue of 1997 to welfare reform. In our new featured collection, we have compiled the welfare reform articles through the years to give a fascinating look at how this law has shaped the lives of our clients -- and our legal practice -- for the past 20 years. Read more.

Clearinghouse Articles

Twenty Years After Welfare Reform

Reflections and Recommendations from Those Who Were There

Anne Erickson
Deborah Harris
John Bouman
Cindy Mann
Wendy Pollack
Margaret Stapleton
Mark Greenberg
Steve Savner
Gina Mannix
Marc Cohan
Olivia Golden
Kate Kahan
Elizabeth Lower-Basch
Jim Weill
Liz Schott

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20 Years After Welfare Reform: What’s Next?

with Marc Cohan, Anne Erickson, Elizabeth Lower-Basch, Wendy Pollack, & Jim Weill

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Advocacy Stories

A Tale of Two Cases: Using Class Action Litigation to Protect Children’s Home Nursing Services

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Margaret Stapleton and Michelle Mbekeani-Wiley

Shriver Center

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The Shriver Brief

Restoring a Tool that Low-Income Consumers Need to Protect Their Rights — Proposed Rules Restrict…

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Supervising For Quality and Impact

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Advocacy Strategies for Protecting the Fair Housing Rights of People with Criminal Records

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Welfare Reform

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Equitable Access to Educational Opportunities

How to Move Forward in a “Post-Racial” Society

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