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Due Process & Public Benefits Notices

Sovereign Hager of the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty and Ty Jones of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities joined us for a Shriver Hangout on due process and public-benefits notices from state agencies. We had lots of good questions from viewers. Watch a recording of the conversation. For more on due process and notices and on the ways that advocates in New Mexico were able to improve that state's notices, be sure to read their new Clearinghouse article.

Clearinghouse Articles

What Does Due Process Mean for State Notices on Receiving Public Benefits?

Sovereign Hager
Ty Jones

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Due Process & Public-Benefits Notices from State Agencies: What's Required?

with Ty Jones and Sovereign Hager

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Delgado Community College, Single Stop USA, and Southeast Louisiana Legal Services: One-Stop Problem Solving

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Elisabeth Arenales

Director of the Health Care Program at the Colorado Center on Law and Policy

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Let's Resolve to End Food Insecurity

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Supervising For Quality and Impact

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Access to Affordable Housing for People with Criminal Records

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Equitable Access to Educational Opportunities

How to Move Forward in a “Post-Racial” Society

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