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Community Lawyering & Nuisance Vacant Properties

When communities across Baltimore were frustrated with the number of nuisance, vacant properties across the city, Community Law Center worked with them to tackle the problem. In this great piece of community lawyering on tax sales and public nuisances, the center worked with the communities on many fronts, including legislative and litigation victories. Robin Jacobs, the former director of strategic legal services projects at the center, describes the campaign's successes, challenges, and lessons in this month's advocacy story, Community-Led Code Enforcement: Empowering Communities to Reverse the Tide of Disinvestment.

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Unlocking the Affordable Care Act’s Potential for Justice-Involved Individuals

Jennie Sutcliffe
Katy Welter
Sarah Somers

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What Does the Affordable Care Act Have to Do with the Criminal Justice System?

with Sarah Somers, Jennie Sutcliffe, & Katy Welter

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Community-Led Code Enforcement: Empowering Communities to Reverse the Tide of Disinvestment

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Margaret Stapleton and Michelle Mbekeani-Wiley

Shriver Center

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A Key Ingredient to Ending Hunger

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Supervising For Quality and Impact

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Advocacy Strategies for Protecting the Fair Housing Rights of People with Criminal Records

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Welfare Reform

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Equitable Access to Educational Opportunities

How to Move Forward in a “Post-Racial” Society

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