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Seizing the Power of Public Participation

Have you ever felt like 2-minute comments at public hearings were not gaining much for your clients? Our new Clearinghouse article has some suggestions on how to leave ineffective public comments behind and seize the power of public participation. Read more. The article's authors, Richard Marcantonio and Sam Tepperman-Gelfant, will join us for a Google+ Hangout on Air on Wednesday, October 21 to talk more about effective community lawyering. Learn more and register now.

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Seizing the Power of Public Participation

Richard A. Marcantonio
Samuel P. Tepperman-Gelfant

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Affirmative Advocacy Through Technology: The HelpHub Model

with Stephani Becker

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Advocacy Stories

A Family Thrives Because of a Medical-Legal Partnership in Cleveland

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Kristen Noelle Hatcher

Managing Attorney of the Benefits Unit at Connecticut Legal Services

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The Shriver Brief

Census Data Show Little Progress against Poverty in Illinois

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Leadership For Justice

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Access to Affordable Housing for People with Criminal Records

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Equitable Access to Educational Opportunities

How to Move Forward in a “Post-Racial” Society

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