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Advancing justice and opportunity
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About the Shriver Center

Justice demands equal opportunity for all, regardless of income or race. For 50 years, the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law has been fighting to advance justice and opportunity for everyone.

We take a stand where it matters. Employment, housing, education, healthcare, public benefits—we focus on issues that deeply affect the lives and social mobility of people living in poverty.

We build networks and develop leaders. We connect and mobilize networks of lawyers, community organizers, activists, and allies across the country. We provide them with resources and training to build their capacity and improve their effectiveness.

We look for ways to move the action from defense to offense. We advocate for systemic change that has a broad impact. We track strategies and tactics that worked in one state, and modify them for the battle in the next.

We never give up, and we never stop looking for allies. Success in this work is not measured by a single win, or even a series of them. It’s measured by how many of us believe in this cause, show up on the frontlines, and act on our ideals, year after year.

Together, we can create a more just society. Will you join us?

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